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We are MonkeyKidGC. A game company aimed at developing games and tools while documenting what we learn along the way. Follow along with us as we navigate the world of indie development.


  • Unity Tips For Faster Easier Game Development
    14 Unity Tips For Faster Easier Game Development Introduction There are tons of things you can do in Unity. Hidden gems live around almost every corner. Today we are going to enlighten you about some of the more obscure actions you can take to improve and streamline your development process. These are Unity tips you … Read more
  • Unity Remove Components Attached to GameObjects
    Tips and Tricks: Remove Components Attached to GameObjects in Unity Introduction Using the power of components to drive game design is what makes developing with Unity so flexible and easy to use. Building around singular behaviors and reusing them across your game makes for better code that is easy to understand. There are tons of … Read more


  • Animate a Character
    Animate a Character with Unity’s 2D Animation Package Introduction Learning how to animate a character is a pivotal part of creating a game. Animations breathe life into your game and can influence a player’s emotions and responses. Have a character wince when they get hurt and the player instantly understands what happened and that they … Read more
  • Unity RigidBody AddForce
    Tips and Tricks: Unity RigidBody AddForce Introduction Unity Rigidbody AddForce is the recommended way to move GameObjects around the game world using physics. To use it properly you will need to have an understanding of what it is, how it works, and how to use it. AddForce is part of Unity’s physics system and is … Read more


  • Unity Create a Moving Platform the Player Character Can Stand On
    Unity Create a Moving Platform the Player Character Can Stand On Moving Platforms In Unity Moving platforms are a staple in any platformer. Platforms create a target for players to aim for when traversing the level. Landing on a platform is a test of the player’s hand eye coordination as well as their skill at … Read more
  • Creating a Top Down Movement Script for 2D in Unity
    Creating a Top Down Movement Script for 2D in Unity Introduction Movement is likely the first thing you implement when developing a game. It is something you can iterate and build on as your game takes shape. A top down movement script may seem like a simple task but when you are building your game … Read more


  • How to Join a Game Jam
    How to Join a Game Jam Introduction A Game Jam is a great way to hone your skills as a developer because it challenges you to create a game with specific rules and requirements. Think of it sort of like a musical jam session where you gather with other musicians to play and create some … Read more
  • Best Keyboards for Programming in 2020
    Best Keyboards for Programming in 2020 Introduction So many hours can be spent programming, gaming, typing up school papers, so it is essential to have the right keyboard that fits your needs. While purchasing a keyboard sounds like an easy task, the reality is that there are many things to consider like ergonomics, wired or … Read more


I am Matt Robertson, indie developer and a founder of MonkeyKidGC. I am a resident of North Carolina where I live with my wife and son. I earned my BA in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2012.

I had initially wanted to follow my love for games and passion for creating and pursue a degree in programming but was pushed towards my second interest in psychology by other events. After working with students with behavior disorders for half a decade, I started teaching myself to program as a hobby. I began by creating websites and following lessons on freeCodeCamp. I inevitably found myself creating browser games such as connect four and snake using javaScript.

Eventually, I moved on to a career where scripting and programming were extremely useful in my day to day role. I am currently enrolled at Virginia Tech, earning my master’s degree in Information Technology and creating games and posting tutorials here between family time, work, and class. I hope to be able to impart some of my acquired knowledge to those who are also trying to teach themselves how to create and build worlds in code.


My name is Gary Crisostomo. I am a developer and content creator for MonkeyKidGC, a Game Company founded by Matt Robertson and myself. I was born in New Jersey and lived there through middle school, then GA and NC till 2015, and now I live in South Carolina with my wife and son, and our pets.

I have always had a passion for information technology and video games, so in 2018, I decided to return to school to earn my BA in cyber security technology. While pursuing my degree, I also wanted to advance my programming knowledge and create games and applications for you to enjoy.

Thank you for taking the time to view our content, I look forward to sharing future projects with you.