Royalty Free Music

free for game developers

Free For Game Developers

Download for use in games you develop.

Use for mobile, console, or computer games.

Royalty Free even for commercial projects.

Free For Streamers

Play in the background during streams.

Use on any streaming platform.

DMCA Strike Free.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and More.

free for streamers
free for content creators

Free For Content Creators

Download a copy for use in video or podcasts.

DMCA Strike Free.

Free to use for personal and commercial projects.

Available on TikTok, Snap, Instagram, and Facebook.

What’s the Catch?

Do I have to give you credit in my content?

No, but it is greatly appreciated. If possible, you can mention something along the lines of “Music provided by MonkeyKidGC” and a link to our site. Even a link to this site, the song on a streaming platform, or one of our social media pages will be a big help to the growth and recognition of this project.

Do I have to pay you to use this music?

No, absolutely not. If someone is trying to get you to pay to use this music, it is a scam.

What can I not do with this music?

Good question.
You can not say you created it.
You can not use it to say you or your content are a member of, endorsed by, or affiliated with MonkeyKidGC.
You can not sell or redistribute the music as standalone audio.

What do you get out of this?

Although you pay nothing to use this music, MonkeyKidGC does still make money off the music in other ways. We get paid for each stream through streaming providers like Spotify and Apple Music. This website is also supported through ad placement and by visiting it to download music we make money as well.

Will you add any more music for royalty free use?

That is the goal. We hope that through your use and support we will be able to extend this library of music to include more genres and styles.

How can I find out when new music is added?

Follow us on one of our social channels.

Do you offer anything besides free music?

Right now, we are starting with music. The plan is to release other types of assets in the future. Sound effects, Art (2D and 3D), and Animations are things on our wish list to offer. If you have ideas for things we can provide royalty free to aid you in your content creation, drop us a line through one of our socials or the email on the about us page.