A challengingly addictive arcade game for mobile

Time you jumps to avoid zombies trying to steal your educated brain. Build up your high score and really put that degree to the test.

Jump the Zombie is a challenge based side scroller

The player controls the educated brain and navigates through gaps in zombie arms without hitting them. Survive the arms swipe and gain a point. Be aware because the next set of arms are reaching for your brain as soon as you make it through. If you hit the ground or if the zombie arms manage to capture your college educated brain, you will have to start over.

Includes scary themes:

  • Zombies
  • Brains
  • College
  • Graduation
  • Creepy Music
  • Falling Down


The Halloween Spirit

Levels include, pumpkin patches, falling leaf covered trails, creepy forests, ghostly graveyards, Halloween parties, fall decorations, Halloween decorations, fall bonfires, and relaxing views with the occasional pumpkin spice latte.

The season of the Harvest.

Time to sit back relax and discover the things we have lost. Hidden Items have been scattered throughout the land. Discover hidden items in scenic fall landscapes. Look for lost items in Halloween themed settings. Can you find all of them? Identify all of the hidden items in time and earn golden pumpkins to unlock the next level. Challenge yourself and replay levels to earn even more medals.


Love the nostalgia of picture hunt games on the back of cereal boxes. You will love solving the hide and seek puzzles offered in Fall Harvest and Halloween Festival Picture Hunt. Hidden objects are scattered through high definition scenes. Journey through the relaxing landscapes and soothing sounds to find the hidden images.


One V One

PlayerVSPlayer can help you quickly setup a one vs one game to make these decisions. Can’t decide which game to play? Just choose tournament mode where you can play a best of three tournament utilizing all the games.

Competitive Multiplayer Experience

PlayerVSPlayer is a competitive multiplayer experience you play on one device. Need to decide who is buying lunch? What about picking the next movie? Or solving that dispute about which way the toilet paper goes on the roll? Wait forget that last one, it always goes over not under, what type of people do you hang out with?

Features include:

  • Reaction Time mode: Wait for the exclamation mark and see who is the first to respond.
  • Timing mode: The pendulum swings and you have to stop it as close to center as possible.
  • Pong mode: Race to score 7 points in this classic game of virtual table tennis.
  • Tournament mode: One round of every game where the best of 3 is the winner