PlayerVSPlayer is a competitive multiplayer experience you play on one device. Need to decide who is buying lunch? What about picking the next movie? Or solving that dispute about which way the toilet paper goes on the roll? Wait forget that last one, it always goes over not under, what type of people do you hang out with?

PlayerVSPlayer can help you quickly setup a one vs one game to make these decisions. Can’t decide which game to play? Just choose tournament mode where you can play a best of three tournament utilizing all the games.

Features include:

• Reaction Time mode: Wait for the exclamation mark and see who is the first to respond.
• Timing mode: The pendulum swings and you have to stop it as close to center as possible.
• Pong mode: Race to score 7 points in this classic game of virtual table tennis.
• Tournament mode: One round of every game where the best of 3 is the winner.

Get the game today and never argue with friends over simple decisions again. Don’t have friends? Don’t let that stop you. Play against yourself.

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