Jump the Zombie

A challengingly addictive arcade game for mobile. Time your jumps to avoid zombies trying to steal your educated brain. Build up your high score and really put that degree to the test.

Includes scary themes, such as:

  • Zombies
  • Brains
  • College Graduation
  • Creepy Music
  • Falling Down

Jump the Zombie is a challenge based side scroller. The player controls the educated brain and navigates through gaps in zombie arms without hitting them. Survive the arms swipe and gain a point. Be aware because the next set of arms are reaching for your brain as soon as you make it through. If you hit the ground or if the zombie arms manage to capture your college educated brain, you will have to start over.

Getting tired of dodging all the zombie arms. Take a shot at jumping over them. Unique surprises await. Just don’t overstay your welcome.

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