Best Keyboards for Programming in 2020

Best Keyboards for Programming in 2020


So many hours can be spent programming, gaming, typing up school papers, so it is essential to have the right keyboard that fits your needs. While purchasing a keyboard sounds like an easy task, the reality is that there are many things to consider like ergonomics, wired or wireless, mechanical, or optical, design, customizability, and so on. There are many options to choose from when it comes to keyboards, different designs, lighting style, traditional keys or split keys, full sized, and compact designs. In this article we will be talking about some of the best keyboards to use in 2020 and what they have to offer.

Getting Started

Razer BlackWidow Elite

First on our list is the Razer BlackWidow Elite mechanical gaming keyboard. This keyboard is loaded with features and is a must have whether you are programming, gaming, or typing up a document. Built to last, the durability of this keyboard is outstanding as it is engineered to withstand up to 80 million keystrokes. One thing that stands out about this keyboard is that you have the option of getting it in three different types of mechanical keys, the Green Switch offers a tactile and clicky feel so that you can noticeably hear and feel each button press. The Orange Switch option gives you the same tactile feel and the Green but takes a quieter approach to typing, while the Yellow Switch focuses on fast typing with less button feedback and easier keystrokes all while staying silent. The BlackWidow Elite also features a multi-function media dial that allows you to adjust the volume, skip tracks, and mute your computer with ease. The media keys are customizable so that you can change the function to best fit your needs. Keeping customization in mind, the Razer Hypershift software allows you to assign secondary functions to every key and allows you to change the lighting on the keyboard with endless color options.

Razer Huntsman Mini

If you prefer to have a compact keyboard, then consider taking a look at the Huntsman Mini. The 60% form factor of this keyboard helps save space on your desk keeping a minimalistic feel on your workspace. Unlike the mechanical keyboards, this one uses optical keys with two options to choose from. The Red Optical Switch takes a linear approach offering instant, silent keystrokes, while the Purple Switch gives you that clicky feel of a mechanical keyboard but keeps speed in mind for those quick button presses.

Logitech G613

This is another great option to consider, especially if you are looking to reduce the number of cords to deal with. The Logitech G613 is a mechanical keyboard that offers the convenience of being wireless while offering an 18-month battery life. This model is built with Romer-G tactile keys, giving you that mechanical performance while remaining quiet and is built to last with its outstanding 70 million keystrokes lifespan. The G613 also has 6 dedicated G-keys that are customizable with profiles set per app or game.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT

This keyboard has an anodized aluminum frame that has a premium feel to it and is built to last. The K95 is another mechanical keyboard built with MX Cherry Blue key switches keeping that tactile clicky feel with great response time and reliability. This keyboard also offers six macro keys that are customizable for streaming or any other command you choose to set. Since this keyboard has 8mb of onboard storage, it has the ability to store up to 5 different profiles, changing the lighting and macro keys depending on what you are working on that day.

Kinesis Advantage2

If you are looking for something with ergonomics in mind, then check out the Kinesis Advantage2. This keyboard has a very different design than what we are used to when it comes to typing with its contoured design and split keys, it is definitely an interesting piece of equipment. The Kinesis is built with separate concave keywells, this positioning helps keep your arms at shoulder width, offering a relaxing typing experience. The integrated palm support further adds to the comfort of this keyboard by reducing stress to your wrists. It is also built with mechanical keys; the MX Cherry Brown design uses low force tactile keys with slightly elevated force around the midpoint of the key to cue the keypress is about to occur.

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