Unity Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Game Development

unity keyboard shortcuts

Unity Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Game Development


Keyboard shortcuts offer quick access to often used tools and features within an application. Getting to know Unity’s keyboard shortcuts will lead to faster game development. Memorizing just a few of these will have you zooming through the Unity editor with such ease and fluidity some might say “you’re a wizard Harry”.

Hotkeys for Play Mode Controls

These hotkeys will allow you to quickly play, stop, pause, and step through frames in the game view.

Play Mode Controls
Ctrl + PPlay / StopCmd + P
Ctrl + Shift + PPauseCmd + Shift + P
Ctrl + Alt + PStepCmd + Alt + P

Keyboard Shortcuts for Unity Editor Navigation

Here are the keyboard shortcuts that will allow you to switch or bring up new windows in Unity without ever touching the mouse.

Unity Editor Navigation
Ctrl + 1Scene WindowCmd + 1
Ctrl + 2Game WindowCmd + 2
Ctrl + 3Inspector WindowCmd + 3
Ctrl + 4Hierarchy WindowCmd + 4
Ctrl + 5Project WindowCmd + 5
Ctrl + 6Animation WindowCmd + 6
Ctrl + 7Profiler WindowCmd + 7
Ctrl + 8Audio Mixer WindowCmd + 8
Ctrl + 9Asset Store Window (no longer in use)Cmd + 9
Ctrl + 0Console WindowCmd + 0

Hotkeys for Manipulating GameObjects

Next, these are the hotkeys for creating, moving, and viewing GameObjects without having to sort through menus or drag things around.

Manipulating GameObjects
Ctrl + Shift + NCreate a New Empty GameObjectCmd + Shift + N
Alt + Shift + NCreate a New Empty GameObject as a Child of the Selected GameObjectAlt + Shift + N
Ctrl + Alt + FMove GameObject to ViewCmd + Alt + F
Ctrl + Shift + FAlign GameObject with ViewCmd + Shift + F
Shift + FLocks Scene View to the Select GameObjectShift + F
Double Tap FLocks Scene View to the Select GameObjectDouble Tap F

Keyboard Shortcuts for Animating

Animating can be a time-consuming process. Do not drag your mouse back and forth from your animation to the timeline. Use these keyboard shortcuts instead.

Shift + CommaFirst KeyframeShift + Comma
Shift + KKey ModifiedShift + K
KKey SelectedK
Shift + PeriodLast KeyframeShift + Period
PeriodNext FramePeriod
Alt + PeriodNext KeyframeAlt + Period
SpacePlay AnimationSpace
CommaPrevious FrameComma
Alt + CommaPrevious KeyframeAlt + Comma

Hotkeys for Tools

Going back and forth between the toolbar and the objects you are manipulating inside Unity’s scene view can be nauseating. Speed up the process with these quick and easy keyboard shortcuts for the most commonly used tools.

TRect ToolT
ZPivot Mode ToggleZ
XPivot Mode ToggleX
VVertex SnapV
Ctrl + Left Mouse ButtonSnapCmd + Left Mouse Button

Keyboard Shortcuts for General Functions

Most of these general tasks can be accomplished in Unity with roughly the same hotkeys as other applications. Here is the list.

General Functions
Ctrl + ZUndoCmd + Z
Ctrl + YRedoCmd + Shift + Z
Ctrl + XCutCmd + X
Ctrl + CCopyCmd + C
Ctrl + VPasteCmd + V
Ctrl + DDuplicateCmd + D
Shift + DelDeleteShift + Del
FCenter Selection in FrameF
Ctrl + FFindCmd + F
Ctrl + ASelect AllCmd + A
Ctrl + RRefreshCmd + R

And now you are ready to speed up your game development by using keyboard shortcuts in Unity. Thank you for stopping by. Stick around and check out more of our tutorials or posts like our piece on How to Animate a Character inside of Unity. Also, leave a comment telling us what you liked or did not like about the tutorial. Do you know of any shortcuts we left out? Was it easy to follow along? What do you want to learn next? As always check out some of our published apps below.